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Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-Up Services

Ensuring timely payments and maximizing revenue through proactive financial management.

At Doctor Papers, we understand the immense pressure healthcare providers face in delivering excellent service while grappling with challenges like lengthy receivable cycles. These delays in revenue not only fatigue billing teams but also frustrate financial management and disrupt cash flow. To address these issues and ensure a streamlined AR process, we offer professional outsourcing services for account receivable follow-up.

Our primary aim is to help medical billing and coding companies maximize their revenue by optimizing the accounts receivable follow-up process. With our experienced team, we provide top-notch services that result in reduced costs and manpower savings.

Key AR Follow-Up Services Offered by Doctor Papers:

Medical Accounts Receivable Follow-Up:

Our team of financial experts is dedicated to diligently following up on all pending claims, meticulously investigating claim denials, initiating collections, and actively tracking receivable balances. By doing so, we accelerate cash flow and significantly reduce the number of days in accounts receivable.

Financial Reporting:

We provide comprehensive financial reporting services to healthcare companies, including in-depth monthly analysis of the underlying reasons behind claims denial. This enables you to differentiate between collectible and non-collectible amounts, while accurately identifying coinsurance and deductible amounts for correct billing to the respective payers.

Accounts Receivable Recovery Services:

Doctor Papers excels in identifying various medical billing scenarios that may lead to non-payment of dues. We proactively resolve these issues, ensuring a higher number of claims get paid.

Clean-Up of Old AR:

Large backlogs of unresolved AR are common among healthcare providers due to various reasons. Our team of AR follow-up experts will strategize and efficiently clear these backlogs within a quick turnaround time, helping you regain control of your financial processes.

By choosing Doctor Papers for your AR follow-up services, healthcare providers can achieve greater efficiency in their revenue cycle, leading to improved cash flow, reduced administrative burdens, and more focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Let us handle your accounts receivable follow-up, so you can concentrate on what matters most – the health and well-being of your patients.

Doctor Papers is a full-service Medical Billing & Collections Services Company delivering quality services to physicians across all medical specialties. Our end-to-end medical billing services get our clients the most money possible while
lowering costs overall.

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