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Unlease the revenue potential of your practice: Mastering Medical billing.

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Streamlined Accounts Receivable Solutions For Healthcare Providers!

Account Receivable Services provided by Doctor Papers streamline the management of outstanding payments and improve revenue cycles for healthcare providers. By efficiently handling account receivables, Doctor Papers helps healthcare practices focus on patient care.

Comprehensive Healthcare Accounts Receivable Solutions

AR Follow-Up

Our skilled financial team is here to take care of pending claims, look into denied claims, start the collection process, keep an eye on receivable balances, and chase down overdue payments. By doing these things, we want to improve cash flow and cut down on the time it takes to settle accounts receivable (AR) days. This all-around approach makes sure we carefully handle every financial aspect, supporting the overall financial health of your business.

AR Analysis Services

In addition to resolving outstanding claims and providing detailed AR reports, we specialize in monitoring payment trends and identifying the root causes behind claim rejections. Our goal is to enhance your financial efficiency by addressing issues that may lead to lower payments. Our dedicated team works proactively to implement effective strategies for boosting payment collections and reducing claim denials. We believe in fostering a seamless financial workflow for your business, allowing you to focus on your core operations without the burden of unresolved financial matters. With our comprehensive AR analysis services, we aim to optimize your revenue cycle and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

Clean-Up Of Old AR

Healthcare providers often face challenges with substantial amounts of unresolved Accounts Receivable (AR) due to inadequate follow-up procedures, understaffing, and ineffective management, resulting in significant backlogs. Our team of AR follow-up specialists is here to assist you in devising strategies to efficiently address and clear these backlogs swiftly. With a focus on optimizing revenue cycle management, we collaborate with your staff to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and implement proactive measures to prevent future AR issues. By leveraging our expertise, your healthcare facility can enhance financial performance, reduce billing errors, and ensure timely reimbursement for services rendered. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of healthcare billing, and let our dedicated professionals empower your organization to achieve greater financial stability and operational efficiency.

Our Comprehensive One-Time Project Approach

A/R Backlog Clearance

Claim Quality Assessment

Clear Paths for Collections

Clinical Documentation Retrieval

Interested In Outsourcing A/R Services To Doctor Papers?

Explore our proficiency in the Accounts Receivable Follow-up process and discover how we can lower your overall costs while enhancing collection efficiency.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For A/R Follow-Up Services


Doctor Papers’ Account Receivable Services offer a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers to efficiently manage outstanding payments and optimize revenue cycles. By entrusting this critical task to Doctor Papers, healthcare practices can focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens. Their expert team ensures timely follow-ups on outstanding payments, reducing delays and improving cash flow. With diligent efforts in resolving claim issues and denials, Doctor Papers maximizes reimbursement and minimizes revenue leakage, ultimately boosting the practice’s revenue while reducing the administrative costs related to the task.

Focus on claim resolution


20% reduction in days in A/R


5-7% enhancement in collections


Dashboards and metrics


Workflow automation

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